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  1. JILL: If you love that big 4K Ultra HD Connected TV so much, then why don’t you marry it?
    WILL: What? Like “plug-in and play?” That is one Smart TV!

  2. Tough loss for Yale after a valiant comeback against Duke in the NCAA Tournament. But to ease the pain guessing when they get home the players’ butlers will make the martinis extra dry.

  3. I’m planning to donate to Hillary’s defense fund just to have that trial of hers run on for years, it would be great to see photos of her grand kids going through a body search to get into the prison to visit her and show her photos of all the birthday parties she’s missed.

  4. Southern people seem to have an affinity for Basketball, particularly during March Maddness. Is this because many of these folks are down to their Final Four teeth?

  5. Dwight Howard caught using sticky substance during game with Hawks. Apparently, before the game he had spent time with a Kardashian.

  6. A bullet was found backstage during a school play at a Shippensburg, Pa middle school. Or as they call that in Chicago public schools–Friday.

  7. Kasey Kahne took the blame for his contact with Danica Patrick that sent her car into the wall during Sunday’s Auto Club 400. He said he should never have been texting and driving.

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