An open letter:


I have a couple questions about this hydrogen bomb attack by North Korea on Manhattan. My wife is planning a 4-day visit to Boston the same weekend. Do you think she should make alternate travel plans. Like fly through Canada or something like that. Second, do you think any of the debates will be canceled, because some of the candidates have family in Manhattan. Thirdly, do you think the USA will retaliate?
Thanks, Bill Williams. Grade, adult.


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  1. The unofficial mayor and owner of Hell, Mich., is lowering the asking price of his property after nearly a year on the market. From $999,666 to $900,000. He hopes the spring thaw will help … ‘cause it’s hell to sell Hell when it freezes over.

  2. An Oregon man was arrested after trying to sell stolen Legos to an undercover cop in a sting operation. Smart cops I’m telling you. They had the perp build a slammer then the judge gave him 12 months on the inside.

  3. Republican Congressman introduced a resolution to recognize magic. Republican establishment desperate to make Donald Trump disappear.

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