Pork products. — 5 Comments

  1. It’s March Madness time. Next week the field of 68 will be reduced to 32 and then to 16. Who says the Republican debates aren’t working.

  2. Guinness Book of World’s Records says Israel Kristal is the world’s oldest living man at 112 years, 178 days. He’s so old he doesn’t go to the Wailing Wall, Larry King comes to him.

  3. A man dressed as Captain America robbed a Plano, Texas, beauty store. He made off with a hundred bucks worth of hair product, nail polish and body blush. And since it was a little dull, a complimentary tube of shield brightener.

  4. About this smart phone encryption issue: After much thought I’ve decided this terrorist thing needs to be solved. So I’m willing to gamble the privacy of my cat videos.

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