Aw, poor babies. — 7 Comments

  1. Hillary has been suffering from three nightmares with a similar theme lately, in the first one she’s pushed under a bus by a young black guy, in the second it’s by a older Jewish guy, and in the third it’s done by a Hawaiian wahini wearing fatigues. Her doctors want to help but can’t take their eyes off those throbbing veins in her temples long enough to vote for her.

  2. Trump loves to claim that Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton aren’t even eligible to run. He’s not just the center of his own little universe, he’s the sole inhabitant.

  3. It’s been 25 years since Rodney King was beaten up by those L.A. cops. Can’t do that now. Cameras are everywhere, showing everything everyone ever dose. This morning I heated up a crumpet in the microwave, it showed me a naked picture of Kim Kardashian.

  4. California is raising the legal smoking age to 21. I tell you, California is a very confusing state. At 20 you can’t smoke or drink. But at 10 you can work with Charlie Sheen.

  5. The founder of Ikea says he buys his clothes at the flea market … That’s weird. The guy wears used clothes, and hires the Army Corp of Engineers to assemble his book shelves.

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