Divorce Court.

JERRY W says:

It’s tough getting divorced these days when so many things are community property and you have to split them up even if you’re not sure exactly who owns what. When it came time for us to divide our crop of marijuana plants it was difficult because we both wanted joint custody.


Divorce Court. — 8 Comments

  1. My third wife, like the previous two, is pretty noisy in bed. I mean, what are the odds I’d hook up with three Moan Clones?

  2. Donald Trump said, “I love the poorly educated.” Of course he does. It’s his base. Also known as Low Information Voters. And the beauty is you can say it right in front of them. “Yep. That’s us, alright.”

  3. The Bricklayer’s Union was among the 20 unions supporting Hillary Clinton this week. Great news for Hillary receiving the support of the nation’s masons.

  4. Both San Antonio and Austin, Texas claim they invented the breakfast taco. Hands down it’s gotta be San Antonio. They’ve had the open carry law since 1953. At birth every citizen is issued a list of public toilets.

  5. ISIS has the technology to hack both Facebook and Twitter, and I think they already started. Yesterday Trump Tweeted, “I love you guys” and on Facebook a mouse beheaded a cat.

  6. Last week London’s Q2 Arena hosted the 2016 Brit music awards. It’s like the MTV Awards, only not so sophisticated. For example, the red carpet was last used for Prince Charlie’s second wedding and still had Camilla’s hoof prints on it.

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