He liked the blue dress since he first spotted it.


Hillary Clinton says she’s going to concentrate on picking up women voters, which coincidentally mirrors her husband’s agenda almost exactly.


He liked the blue dress since he first spotted it. — 12 Comments

  1. For our 33rd Wedding Anniversary, we went to tropical Unicorn Island. I could not stop staring at the chicks in string bikinis. My wife was furious that I was so…horny.

  2. Hillary Clinton says, “I have never lied.” I’d say, there’s a certain bra and a certain box of tissue in her 7th grade class disputing that.

  3. Hillary said it would be great to finally have a woman in the white house. Bill told her he had already done that and it was o.k., but great would really be an exaggeration.

  4. A Utah woman was met with a surprise when she discovered a decapitated snake head in a can of green beans. The discovery made her g-ASP.

  5. Sorry fellow jokers. Obviously it should be… Bush is out! He really waxed it in South Carolina …I guess too many hot rod Oregon cookies tonight.

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