He liked the blue dress since he first spotted it. — 12 Comments

  1. For our 33rd Wedding Anniversary, we went to tropical Unicorn Island. I could not stop staring at the chicks in string bikinis. My wife was furious that I was so…horny.

  2. Hillary Clinton says, “I have never lied.” I’d say, there’s a certain bra and a certain box of tissue in her 7th grade class disputing that.

  3. Hillary said it would be great to finally have a woman in the white house. Bill told her he had already done that and it was o.k., but great would really be an exaggeration.

  4. A Utah woman was met with a surprise when she discovered a decapitated snake head in a can of green beans. The discovery made her g-ASP.

  5. Sorry fellow jokers. Obviously it should be… Bush is out! He really waxed it in South Carolina …I guess too many hot rod Oregon cookies tonight.

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