Nuts and flakes. — 24 Comments

  1. My wife is not much for romance. Last Valentine’s Day when I asked her to do a “strip” for me, what she sulkily performed was more like an “unboxing.”

  2. On our Second Honeymoon, my wife and I had a couples’ massage. The moment was spoiled when Sharon asked the male masseuse to stay overnight…

  3. My wife wants us to watch several Rom-Com movies to get in the mood for Valentine’s Day. I wonder if these flicks will put her in the mood for Com?

  4. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were victorious over Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz in New Hampshire. Or as Hollywood called it: ”Bucket List” and “Eraser Head” topped “Misery” and “Problem Child.”

  5. Saw a magazine headline that caught my interest for about 5 seconds: “25 Couples Share Intimate Secrets on How to Make Love………………………………….Last.”

  6. A replica of the Titanic is set to sail in 2018. And thanks to global warming there will be no need to be concerned about icebergs.

  7. Donald Trump says proposed border wall would cost eight billion dollars and he would make Mexico foot the bill. Mexico, however, refuses to peso much.

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