They’d be safe there.


In Tennessee, police arrested a teacher after finding three of her students in the trunk of her car. Most people are going “How horrible.” And parents of multiple toddlers are thinking “You can do that?”


They’d be safe there. — 13 Comments

  1. Can’t decide which of my girlfriend’s legs I like best. The left one or right one. Oh well, I suppose the answer lies somewhere in between.

  2. Millions of corn fields in Iowa, and the Political turmoil whirling around the candidates, where there is hardly a kernel of truth…

  3. El Salvador urges against pregnancies until 2018 as Zika virus spreads. So I guess no Duggars will be moving to El Salvador.

  4. A uniformed police officer in England was mistaken for a stripogram at a 50th birthday party. Probably shouldn’t have whipped out his baton.

  5. The first Monday in February is the day British workers are most likely to call in sick. Just make sure it’s a good excuse–recovering from dental surgery just won’t fly.

  6. Bernie Sanders is old. Really old. If he doesn’t win the presidency there’s only one thing left to do with his life. Tour with the Stones.

  7. Before I met her, my British-born wife had a huge bachlorette pad. She was mighty proud of this humongous apartment, and called it her Maxi Pad. Bloody Hell!

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