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  1. Blake Griffin broke his hand in an altercation with the assistant equipment manager. From now on the Clippers will have a Kardashian handle the team’s balls.

  2. WILL’S WIFE” “Get that dusty old thing away from me!”
    WILL: “Um, that would be my ‘Love Gun,’ dear.”
    WILL’S WIFE: “Ewww. Shoot that pistol somewhere else.”

  3. There’s concern in North America about the Zika virus as it slowly approaches from Brazil, causing birth defects like small heads and reduced brain function. Because frightening viewers is what they do best, Fox News t.v. news will air a special providing visual examples of results of the disease. They’re calling it the Republican Debate in Iowa.

  4. Apple says their Smart Watch is not selling so well. But they’ve got a plan. Sell it in France and call it the Smart Ass Watch.

  5. Rapper Killer Mike will perform at an Iowa rally for Bernie Sanders. Bernie is so old he thinks a rapper is someone who wraps Xmas presents at the mall.

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