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  1. Not say’in my wife Sharon is a witch, but the other day I walked in on her with a coven of her female friends, and they all were holding lap frogs…

  2. Word is if Sarah Palin becomes Vice President, Alaska will secede from the union. They don’t want her to be a wooden-stake-thru-the-heart away from the presidency.

  3. ABBA was back together singing in a Stockholm restaurant last weekend. All the other Olive Garden customers were singing, “Mama Mia, shut up!” 

  4. The northeast of the US was severely hit by “Snowmageddon” over the weekend, millions were paralyzed by tons of snow. A complete whiteout. Or as it’s called in Hollywood … The Oscar Nominations.

  5. DC Federal offices are closed Monday due to the blizzard…will anyone notice or care? Like there weren’t enough flakes in the Capital already.

  6. Donald Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Ave and not lose any voters. Make it a Kardashian and his supporters would increase.

  7. Magic Johnson has just purchased season’s tickets for the Los Angeles Rams. No word on whether he selected the seats directly in front of Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano.

    Magic Johnson was the first person to put a deposit down on season’s tickets for the Los Angeles Rams. He apparently asked for “courtside front row seats”

  8. Patriots coach Belichick is extremely Social Media challenged. He recently accused a reporter at a post game press conference of being on “Snapface”; and thinks that “Tweeter” is the name of that bird on The Bugs Bunny Show.

  9. After many delays, Texas has executed its first inmate of the year. It was a man who was convicted 15 years ago of killing a female impersonator. “About time” said Caitlyn Jenner, “I was going run him over if I ever had the chance”

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