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  1. The International Association of Cartographers (map makers) met in Myanmar (formerly Burma) last weekend to change the name of the city of Kabul, Afghanistan to the name locals use, Kaboom! The I.A.C. said that next year’s meeting will take place in Burkina Faso, or whatever name it has at that time, not that anyone could find it on a map anyway.

  2. The closest I’ve ever come to driving a “souped-up” vehicle is the time our kids spilled their Campbells Soup Cups in our trusty mini-van.

  3. Bill Clinton is worried about wife Hillary’s dwindling lead over Bernie Sanders. In fact so worried, he bought her a little blue dress.  

  4. Some big-name movie stars will boycott the Oscars because there’s not enough diversity in the nominations. Ok, so the nominations do appear to be a little one sided. The Academy promised next year they won’t ask George Zimmerman.

  5. Donald Trump has received endorsements from Mike Tyson and Sarah Palin–one will bite your ear off, the other will talk it off.

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