JERRY W says:

After I had a little too much to drink I yelled out in a bar “Canadians are all either hockey players or hookers.” Soon, a 350 pound, 6’8” lumberjack looking guy came over to me and said, “My mother’s a Canadian.” Quickly getting sober, I asked him, “Which team does she play for?”


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  1. New Yorkers celebrated the ushering in of a new year with confetti, streamers, and noisemakers–but enough about Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.

  2. NASA reports there are more than 500,000 pieces of space trash. It’s so bad that last night I saw a commercial featuring a Martian shedding a tear.

  3. Bill Cosby was charged with rape and then freed on $1 million bail. But quick as a bunny he filed his own lawsuit against Viagra. Claims he’s had an erection lasting 58 years.

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