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  1. A 24-pound bundle of marijuana fell from a plane and crashed outside a family’s home in Arizona. Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg wonders where his daily supply of pot is.

  2. Burger King announced the creation of a Halloween-themed burger–an all black bun. Every meal at our house is Halloween-themed–the food is burnt.

  3. My wife introduced me to some of her wacky friends she hangs out with. For fun, I asked them: “So, what covens do you belong to, ladies?”

  4. This is weird: A suitcase full of pot fell through the roof of an Arizona home. But that’s not the weird part. The bag tag was from the 1968 Willie Nelson, “Texas in my Soul” tour. That’s still not the weird part. THIS is the weird part: United says they’ll wave the late bag pickup fee.

  5. Big week for President Obama. First the Pope, then the President of China, and on Monday, Putin from Russia. And all three asked the same question. Who does Caitlyn Jenner’s hair?

  6. Danica Patrick wore a fancy, girly-girl dress to the 2015 ESPY Awards. Fellow NASCAR drivers were surprised to see that not only was she a boob, she had some.  

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