Orange is the new blockhead. — 15 Comments

  1. A Japanese climber with one finger is attempting to reach Mount Everest’s summit. Sorry, I’m just not interested–it’s not a gripping story.

  2. My wife wears glasses and is very shy. For the first 5 years of our marriage, she wouldn’t even look at me with her naked eye…

  3. Martin Shkreli, the CEO of a pharmaceutical firm raised the price of a prescription drug from $13.50 to $750. In related news, Whole Foods said they may be interested in hiring him.

  4. Video of that New York “Pizza Rat” dragging a slice down subway stairs has gone viral on the internet. Pizza Hut says it will deliver to any subway station in the New York area within 30 minutes or it’s free, that is, if any denizens residing there give a fat rat’s ass.

  5. One of my favorite Yogi stories is when he was playing in a Pro-Am golf tournament and the pro asked him which way a putt would break. Yogi says to the right, the pro looks at it again and says it should go left. The guy hits the putt and it breaks left and misses. Yogi simply tells the pro “That’s because I’m left handed”.

  6. An L.A. judge approved Caitlyn Jenner’s name and gender change. And her first order of business as an official girl: Turn that man cave into a sewing room.

  7. U.S. Treasury plans to put a woman on the new $10 bill. They could use Betsy Ross. They could use Dolly Madison. Heck, they could even use Dolly Parton. ’Course then they’d have to make it a $44 bill.

  8. A Michigan woman opened a package of underwear and discovered a note inside: “Help Me! Plz.” Unfortunately, there wasn’t a thong she could do.

  9. “The Intern.” Movie about an old guy who works for free and wants to have sex with his young boss. Is it a feel-good movie? The old guy sure hopes so.

  10. Donald Trump on “60 Minutes.” “Look, I’m on a lot of covers, I think more than any supermodel.” After listening to the Donald almost nonstop for the past couple months seems like he might think LESS than most supermodels.

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