California has a drought, ya know.


Last month American Airlines got in trouble with the FAA for flying a non-overwater equipped plane to Hawaii. You ask the difference between a non-overwater equipped plane and an overwater equipped plane? On the non-overwater plane the pilot must have his scotch neat.


California has a drought, ya know. — 5 Comments

  1. Porsche presented a battery powered 600 horsepower electrical concept car called the “Mission E”, they say it will recharge in 15 minutes if you hook up to an 800 volt system. They will also include a kite for $650.00 that can recharge the car in 2.5 seconds if your battery goes weak when you’re near an electrical storm.

  2. As you know, my wife is not a great cook. Last night something went majorly-wrong with the recipe. Ox Head soup, anyone? Moooo.

  3. “Harbin Hot Springs,” a Clear Lake, California, clothing-optional health resort burned to the ground in a forest fire last weekend. Thankfully no one was hurt. Just a lot of singed pubic hair.

  4. Max Beauvoir, a Voodoo high priest died over the weekend in Haiti at the age of 79. He was healthy and could have lived to 100. But his wife got tired of him leaving the toilet seat up and poked pins in his doll.

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