Longest reigning, thanks to El Niño. — 6 Comments

  1. I went to the annual showing of Apple’s new products. Must admit, it was very disappointing. Expected Golden Delicious. All we got was Granny Smith.

  2. There’s a winery in the Bay Area called “Bishops Vineyard” that has their grapes planted in local cemeteries. Doesn’t taste bad, except the Chardonnay from San Francisco. Way too fruity.

  3. Rick Perry became the first Republican to drop out of presidential race. So why does that make Rick Perry like Katy Perry? A big bust for both.

  4. Vanessa Williams returned to Miss America as head judge Sunday night. Williams had won in 1984, then resigned after nude pictures of her were published in Penthouse. And these days people are thinking “naked photos in a magazine, how quaint.”

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