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  1. A 67-year-old man is accused of approaching a teenage girl at a lemonade stand outside her home in greater Detroit and offered her money for sex. When life gives you lemons, get yourself arrested.

  2. Boy O boy is Wall Street ever low … Waaay down! In the gutter … Sooo disrespected! Might as well call itself Subway.

  3. The Russian government has blocked Wikipedia because of inappropriate content. Type in “nipples” and you get a picture of Putin.

  4. All Regal theaters are checking customers for weapons. It’s worse than the airports. The only carry-on bag they allow is popcorn.

  5. Stephen Hawking has a new theory about where a black hole stores information about itself. I don’t care about that. I just want to know where the black hole is keeping the money I invested in the stock market.

  6. The jetstream is carrying wildfire smoke eastward across the U.S. We’re used to it here in the East. There’s a constant blowing of smoke from DC.

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