Cheech and Shakespeare. — 12 Comments

  1. Donald Trump gave kids helicopter rides at the Iowa State Fair. And as part of the petting zoo, he let kids stroke that creature on his head.

  2. Former Minnesota governor and pro wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura wants to be Donald Trump’s vice president. All that’s missing from that ticket is a bearded lady.

  3. Too much information! Mgr Joe Maddon says he’s been wearing the same socks to and from the ballpark during the Cubs win streak. Next he’ll tell us he’s also been going there “Commando”.

  4. Catch the Full House reunion? About the same as the original, except now the daughters wear thongs, and Jesse and Joey are in the diapers.

  5. Massive winter rains from El Nino won’t solve LA’s drought problem. All their drains are hooked directly to Tom Selleck’s avocado orchard.

  6. A man reportedly spent three days living with a goat herd. In related news, Ben Affleck spent a weekend with a nanny.

  7. A New York man was arrested for pretending to be a doctor. Meanwhile, in New York Geno Smith continues to get away with pretending to be a quarterback.

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