What’s green and smells like bacon? — 17 Comments

  1. A woman ran a marathon without a tampon during her period with blood flowing freely. Next month she will enter a bike race on her menstrual cycle.

  2. A woman’s underwire bra may have saved her from life-threatening injuries after a hunter shot her. Guess he was after a big rack.

  3. “Ricki And The Flash.” 65-year-old leather-clad wasted rocker Meryl Streep tries to reconnect with her straight-laced daughter. But her heart’s not in it. Her tattoos are Lick ’N Stick. 

  4. Trump is winning the hearts of American voters. In fact, they love him so much Hair Club for Men sold out of those weird orange wigs faster than Kim Kardashian says “Okey Dokey” to a nude photo shoot.

  5. Whole Foods has removed glass jars of Asparagus water (which contained 3 spears in each jar) that were selling for $5.99 saying it was all a mistake. They should have been retailing for $12.99

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