JERRY W says:

You’ll know that the South has finally moved on after Warner Bros. T.V. digitally removes the confederate flag design from the roof of the General Lee on reruns of “Dukes of Hazzard” and replaces it with a flag of China, since they will soon be the new owners of Warner Bros. and most of America.


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  1. A giant sculpture of a human butt is on a cross-country tour as part of a pilot for Comedy Central. Sadly, yesterday the vehicle transporting the butt was rear-ended.

  2. On my road to becoming a legendary Lothario and dashing Don Juan, you could say I’ve checked a lot of boxes.

  3. Two South Carolina parents are facing child neglect charges after forcing their daughter to live in the woods, as punishment for eating a Pop-Tart, authorities said. Gosh, imagine if the girl had eaten a Twinkie…

  4. Miley Cyrus has been spotted kissing a lot of girls lately. Makes you wonder. Is she going for a reverse Jenner?

  5. Travel plans? Get Smigin, a smartphone app for common phrases in foreign places. The trick is it’s based on locations: Bars, Cafes, Hotels etc. It even has an American category for parents. Slacker Basement.

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