Who’s the smart one here? — 14 Comments

  1. An ice cream truck rollover accident occurred in Hartford, Connecticut yesterday. Police say a big dip in a rocky road was to blame for the Sunday crash.

  2. A 15-year-old girl had the longest spit at the 42nd International Cherry Pit-Spitting Championship. Very impressive considering she entered the contest as a sixth seed.

  3. Six Steps to a Zen Bedroom: Toss the IKEA crap, and zen find a young Asian chick to fluff the pillows, pour the wine, choose the tunes, dim the lights, and spank the monkey.

  4. Scientists say comet that spacecraft landed on could have alien life–very happy aliens who are getting lots of tail.

  5. Burt of Burt’s Bees died. He was 80. Burt was a hippie who became a millionaire. His hippie life didn’t change much except …His Spam was flown in by Lear jet.

  6. North West is ready for her first photo shoot. Her mom Kim says anything but full rear nude. Doesn’t want the competition.

  7. Milwaukee Bucks will move if arena deal isn’t approved, team’s President says. New Yorkers hope they move to Madison Square Garden.

  8. Musician Damon Albarn was removed from stage by security for refusing to end set after 5 hours. Same thing happened to Justin Bieber, only it was 5 minutes.

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