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  1. Hispanic leaders tell Republican Party to stand up to Donald Trump–or there will be no clean restrooms at the Convention.

  2. The Women’s World Cup final game has attracted a lot of new attention to the sport.

    Donald Trump says he’ll watch as long as Mexico is not in it.

    “I think the game should end in a tie”, says Donovan McNabb as he tries to buy tickets on the 50 yard line.

    Bostonians reminisce about how they like their “yellow cahd”: with cream sauce and a pint of Sam Adams.

  3. Note to Seahawks fans coming to cheer on the US in the Women’s World Cup final in Vancouver. Yes, there are 11 players a side and Yes, you can wear your #12 jerseys.

  4. Stanford amateur golfer Maverick McNealy leads former Stanford amateur Tiger Woods by 3 shots after the third round at The Greenbrier Classic. Might be a good time for Eldrick to get a few swing tips. (can’t pay the kid, or he loses his amateur status)

    *Very seldom do you ever see Eldrick/Tiger and tips used in the same sentence.

  5. The Trump Hotel Chain has apparently been hacked, which authorities have classified as a crime. It’s not linked to Mexico as so far, no drugs or rapes have been reported.

  6. The 2016 Republican Convention will be held at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. The arena has room for 20,500 people, so it should be able to handle all the candidates but not many delegates.

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