Not a ray gun? — 16 Comments

  1. Being married to an old bat has its advantages. Guano makes an excellent fertilizer for the garden…Squeak!

  2. ESPN reports that new info reveals Pete Rose did bet on baseball while he was a player. A notebook allegedly shows that he averaged bets of $2,000 each mostly on baseball and basketball. So stats could show 4,256 career hits and $4,400 on daily bets.

  3. Norwegian man spent 6 years crocheting Super Mario blanket. Apparently, it gets very cold at night in his mother’s basement.

  4. Strippers in Pennsylvania could soon have to become registered. Really? Next they will have to pay a pole tax.

    • Walmart will be immediately removing all items that bear the Confederate flag from their stores and on-line. They will be replaced with the flags of China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh where all their goods are made.

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