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  1. Actor Michael Douglas will receive the Genesis Prize, a one-million dollar reward for his contributions to Jewish culture around the world. I’m surprised–I thought for sure it would go to Mel Gibson.

  2. Brian Williams to get new role at NBC at lower salary. Williams said it’s his biggest paycut since he quit his job pitching for the Yankees to pursue journalism.

  3. This “trans” thing is getting too much. Trans-gender, trans-racial. Now Greece wants to trans-continent and become New Jersey.

  4. Trump says he has a solution to the Middle East problem but won’t elaborate. Apparently it involves a can of Nexxus and a really big hair net.

  5. Universal Studios is hurrying up production on a film about Donald Trump’s presidential run. Watch for it: “Jurassic Campaign.”

  6. Brian Williams apologized and blamed his ego for his exaggeration of the truth. And then Williams added that Sigmund Freud had told him that he had one of the biggest egos the psychiatrist had ever seen.

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