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  1. Rachel Dolezal, leader of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Wash., has been identifying as black even though she is white. The giveaway was when she was spotted at a Starbucks drive-thru in a Prius.

  2. It’s not easy to be cool when you’re 62 year’s old, but my beat-up Nike sneakers have a lot of street crud.

  3. Saudi Arabia executes 100th person this year, set to break record. “Not so fast, the year’s only half over,” says Texas.

  4. Patriots get Super Bowl XLIX rings at private party hosted by owner Robert Kraft. I hope Tom Brady’s ring was undersized.

  5. Black impersonator named head of local NAACP then outed by her parents. Black impersonator! She’s got no right doing that. That’s Kanye West’s gig.

  6. This week the AMA labeled Dr. Oz a quack. Not because he overcharges. They all do that. Not because he gives out feel-good pills. They all do that. Not because he takes naked celebrity photos when they’re under anesthesia. They all do that … It’s because he putts like a putz.

  7. Jeb Bush announced his plans for the office of president. What confused me is when he said “America deserves better”, so was this supposed to be an entry or withdrawal notice?

  8. Authorities arrested a pair of Georgia parents who allegedly kept their five kids in a filthy auto repair shop. Sadly, oil changes and diaper changes both occurred at six month intervals.

  9. Author Brad Meltzer says Ronald Reagan began carrying a handgun after assassination attempt. And here I thought the only heat he packed was Bengay.

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