Amazon could start a subsidiary. — 11 Comments

  1. Something called the Intelligent Community Forum has named the most intelligent cities on Earth. Of course, D.C. wasn’t on the list. They were disqualified because of (1) Congress and (2) re-electing Marion Barry all those times.

  2. The Intelligent Community Forum has named Columbus, Ohio as the most intelligent city on Earth. Ann Arbor, Michigan is demanding a recount.

  3. A guy in Colorado told police he shot himself in the foot just to find out what it feels like. Sounds like another presidential candidate to me.

  4. Hillary Clinton kicks off her campaign the same weekend ‘Jurassic World’ opens. But enough about dinosaurs.

  5. Michael Jordan is “pretty sure” he could beat current members of Charlotte in 1-on-1–and the Knicks in 1-on-5.

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