Watch the watches.

TC in BC says:

For the first time, the FIFA Women’s World Cup will utilize “Hawk-Eye” technology (bribe involved maybe) to confirm goals. When a ball crosses the goal line, the head ref will be notified of it on a wrist watch. This is in addition to the Fit Bit watch the ref wears to track his steps and the Apple iWatch he has sending messages from home like “Buy milk and eggs”.


Watch the watches. — 11 Comments

  1. I got job at a carnival. It’s what I was born to do. And really the pay isn’t all that bad, at the Freak Show.

  2. Newsweek reports that North Korea has threatened the US with a “cyber attack”. First they have to crack the password on their recently purchased from eBay Commodore 64 that the previous owner used.

  3. NBC Sports chairman Mark Lazarus doesn’t like the NHL player’s traditional playoff time beards. He thinks they and the game would be more marketable if their faces were shaved. What next, does he expect them to play with their dentures in place as well?

  4. Tiger Woods is scheduled to play The US Open after shooting a career worst 85 last week. Fox Sports, worrying that he may miss the cut, is trying to get Eldrick permission to play the “Red Tees”.

  5. What’s the deal about female Viagra? Not sure what we’re wanting to get hard. Getting my wife to have sex is already hard enough.

  6. There’s a new dating app out called “Bumble,” by women for women. Kinda’ like Sadie Hawkins, the girls call the boys. So far only one glitch: Caitlyn called Bruce.

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