Very classy, Victor. — 11 Comments

  1. Based on a new tell-all book by a former Playboy bunny, it wasn’t all fun and games at the mansion. Sometimes Hugh Hefner made the blondes engage in degrading games…like what, Yahtzee?

  2. “Little Darlings” strip club in Vegas wants girls who are recent high school graduates. Their advertising slogan is a sure draw. “Our pole is not only a pole, it’s a selfie stick.”

  3. A Scottsdale security camera recorded a man urinating through a store’s mail slot. Hey, he was just inserting his package.

  4. A study found a link between nutrition and mental health. Ironically, one of the best foods for good mental health is nuts.

  5. A batter looks for a ball in his wheelhouse. Whereas a pitcher wants to throw the ball in the batter’s “outhouse.”

  6. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo resigned amid slumping share prices. Fittingly, he kept his letter of resignation under 140 characters.

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