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  1. George Clooney visited his Kentucky hometown. Most people there had never before seen a movie star or someone with a full set of teeth.

  2. George Clooney visited his Kentucky hometown. It marked the first time there’s been a stud in Kentucky not located in a stable.

  3. For the first time, the FIFA Women’s World Cup will utilize “Hawk-Eye” technology (bribe involved maybe) to confirm goals. When a ball crosses the goal line, the head ref will be notified of it on a wrist watch. This is in addition to the Fit Bit watch the ref wears to track his steps and the Apple iWatch he has sending messages from home like “Buy milk and eggs”.

  4. Finding Bigfoot’ and the NBA Finals are both on TV tomorrow night. At this point it’s more likely Bigfoot is found sipping a cappuccino at Starbucks than the Cavaliers winning the NBA championship.

  5. Did you see The Burger King in the crowd at the Belmont Stakes? I wonder if he was there to cheer on American Pharoah or to see which of the losers would look best on a bun.

  6. Congrats to American Pharoah on winning the Triple Crown. Thankfully, he’s not a gelding so there won’t be any deflated balls scandal.

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