She rests her case. — 6 Comments

  1. For those going through basketball withdrawal, it’s only a few days until the start of the NBA finals. And a few weeks until next year’s preseason games start.. ‬.

  2. Details are starting to emerge on Dennis Hastert’s “misconduct”. And looks like for those who threw stones at Bill Clinton, we’re going to need a bigger glass house.

  3. Barbasol shaving cream is featuring special cans with “Jurassic World” graphics showing dinosaurs. My wife says it would be more appropriate to picture wooly mammoths…

  4. Johnny Manziel threw a water bottle at a heckler at The Four Seasons Hotel in Irving Texas on Saturday. The heckler decided not to file charges as the throw was intercepted.

    No word on whether the bottle was full or half full or even slightly deflated.

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