No matter where you go… — 12 Comments

  1. China plans to expand the size of their navy. It will be the biggest naval (navel) increase since Chris Christie chowed down at the Golden Corral.

  2. My wife is not tall, tan, young, lovely, or from Ipanema. But, each one she passes does go “Ah!” because her Yoga pants fit rather too snugly.

  3. DC is the most crime- ridden city in America: theft, malfeasance, daylight robberies, extortion. Even when Congress is in recess, it’s still right up there.

  4. The New York Daly News says Radar Online falsely reported Bruce Jenner underwent “THE” surgery three weeks ago. But it’s an easy enough mistake to make. Every man that old sits down to pee.

  5. It was Memorial day so being from San-Fran-Cisco I put some flowers on the tomb of the unknown hippie.

  6. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders bemoaned the number of deodorant choices we have. He should be grateful he doesn’t live in France where there is no deodorant.

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