George Washington, Carver. — 10 Comments

  1. Jeb Bush says his top foreign policy adviser is brother Dubyah. Which is like choosing Hannibal Lector as surgeon general. Putting Bill Clinton in charge of intern lodgings. Or…

  2. Some females discover they have a power over men, and are about as subtle about it as a pair of black latex leggings…mmmm, shiny.

  3. Tom Brady got a four game suspension for cheating in Super Bowl XLVIII. NFL says his ball was under-inflated. Tom says he’s innocent. It was just a “pigskin malfunction.”

  4. Lindsay Lohan, who still has more than half of her 250 mandated community service hours to go from a 2013 reckless driving conviction, apparently missed her first day Tuesday at a Brooklyn preschool. This could really put her in jeopardy with Hollywood’s “37 strikes and you’re out” policy.

  5. So apparently in the latest incident involving George Zimmerman, both Zimmerman and the man who allegedly shot him -resulting in minor injuries -had guns with them at the time. And Darwin is thinking “Missed a two-fer by THAT much”

  6. Reports say that Chris Christie spent $82,000 at Jets/Giants games at MetLife Stadium between 2010 and 2011. Well, to be fair, at NFL prices that’s only a few dozen beers.

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