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  1. Actor Will Poulter to play Pennywise in ‘It’ remake, report says. Stephen King fans are worried the choice is penny wise and clown foolish.

  2. A failed road-funding proposal today has the Michigan Governor scrambling to put together a campaign to legalize weed. He will be pictured with stitches on his neck and forehead, speaking in classic Frankenstein grumble: “Roads bad, smokes good.”

  3. Jared from Subway is back. Got a family, a mortgage, and a bald spot now. He’s still skinny, but only because he can’t afford to eat.

  4. Keith Richards has got himself a Facebook account. It was very traumatic for the Facebook. Keith’s wrinkles used up all their pixels.

  5. A picture has gone viral of some idiot family -teenagers and dad -proudly posing in front of Tumalo Falls in Oregon, after they carved their initials into the railing. Where is a good mountain lion when you need one?

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