Hope Noah can build an Ark! — 10 Comments

  1. Don’t want to say the Jacksonville Jaguars management is incompetent, but their first round draft pick is expected to be Budweiser.

  2. Sisters missing for two weeks survived eating Girl Scout cookies. Surprisingly, they were found in mint condition.

  3. My Uncle Joe will bet on anything. He took a plate of diced cheese and created an entire casino, with crackers for cards. What are the odds?

  4. Something’s fishy in baseball…Did anyone happen to notice that a trout homered off a bass yesterday? Must’ve been quite a sight.

  5. Pete Rose will join his old team the Reds for All Star Game festivities in Cincinnati this year. Pete’s not the player he once was. Now when he hit’s a double, there’s ice in it.

  6. Ex-NBA player Scottie Pippin’s daughter arrested for public urination in hotel lobby. Pippin claims she merely dribbled.

  7. British couple, aged 95 And 101, will become the world’s oldest newlyweds after June wedding. They are registered at Adjustable Bed Walk-in Bath and Beyond.

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