Who wants the Trump card? — 9 Comments

  1. A Virginia court granted parental rights to a man who fathered a child with a friend when she used a turkey baster for insemination. The boy popped out of the oven moist and tender and was named Tom.

  2. I may have about zero “street cred,” but I am delinquent by 40 cents at the library.


    My wife says I’m a perv because I like to “watch” on ebay.

  3. Kraft is taking some of the artificial coloring out of its Mac and Cheese, which means it won’t be as orange. John Boehner is sooooo jealous.

  4. Defective ‘counterfeit’ condoms sold through Groupon Australia recalled. “Holey Contraceptives, Batman!”

  5. A New York couple have been branded the city’s loudest love-makers by an analysis of complaints. They also earned the title “Most Religious” based on the number of screams of “Oh God.”

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