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  1. Boston bomber found guilty of all charges. He could get the death penalty. A choice of lethal injection, firing squad … or long slow simmer in a pressure cooker.

  2. Cubs fans had to pee into cups as the restrooms at Wrigley Field were out of order on Opening Day. For those that drank more than a couple of beer, they needed to use a relief pitcher.

  3. A couple named Joel Burger and Ashley King are getting married. When asked if they were planning to start a family, they replied “Yes, but we’ll stop after 5 guys”.

  4. A fire destroyed most of Seattle’s first legal marijuana growing operation. Several firefighters were overcome by the smoke and had to be treated with Doritos.

  5. An Icelandair plane enroute to Denver was hit by lightning. It landed 7 1/2 half hours later despite a hole in its nose. The aircraft will now be christened “Keith Richards.”

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