Between them, they have a city of kids. — 14 Comments

  1. An 80-year-old porn actress has slept with over 1,000 young men. Her films have grossed thousands and grossed out millions.

  2. Jamie Foxx has come under fire for Bruce Jenner jokes at iHeart Radio Awards. The good news is he will have no trouble getting work in Indiana.

  3. NFL suspends Browns General Manager 4 games and fines team over game text messages. At least we know there wasn’t any texting while driving–for a touchdown.

  4. Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers was celebrating with the Final Four bound Wisconsin Badgers basketball team. When asked if he was looking to recruit a tight end with a basketball background like Gronk or Jimmy Graham, he replied, “No, I’m actually looking for someone that can recover an onside kick”.

  5. Tiger Woods falls out of Top 100 ranked players for first time since 1996. He also is no longer one of the Top 100 pro golfers.

  6. Prince William has left the military and will fly for East Anglian Air Ambulance. He will of course donate his salary to charity. Charity will of course donate it to H&M for new yoga pants.

  7. Because it’s still technically illegal under federal law you have to pay cash for marijuana in Washington and Colorado. So what’s the advantage over buying it from your old schoolyard connection? The pot shop will recycle your Twinkies and Doritos wrappers.

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