They didn’t have cars back then. — 12 Comments

  1. Early reports say a Germanwings pilot was locked out of the cockpit. Thank God that can’t happen on United. They have a mini bar inside the cockpit.

  2. Following my epic set, I found a dime in the men’s room tonight. Technically, I believe that makes me a professional comedian.

  3. Sam Taylor Johnson has confirmed she will not return to direct the next two 50 Shades movies. She didn’t want to be tied down.

  4. Bus to hell time. Seeing that picture over and over again of Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz at the Golden Gate bridge. And thinking – why didn’t he just jump off of it?

  5. At Miller Park this year, the Milwaukee Brewers will sell “Deep Fried Nachos” – beef and beans, rolled in crushed Doritos, fried on a stick and topped with sour cream and cheese. Fans can presumably buy a package including Nacho sticks, a beer, and a turn at the defibrillator.

    • I don’t know Janice, that sounds like quite a tasty treat.
      I’d be o.k. with trying one as long as someone nearby has 911 on their phone’s speed dial menu.

  6. For those stuffed animals in the environmental settings behind glass, it’s really all about the die-oramma.

  7. An Australian woman was charged with assault after squirting breast milk on a police officer. Apparently, the officer was lactose intolerant.

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