That spot is hot! — 12 Comments

  1. Missouri teens steal what they think is cocaine and end up snorting grandfather’s remains. They were pulled over by police after driving slowly with their left turn signal on.

  2. American Airlines has a dad-and-daughter pilot team. They’re so cute. He has a Bloody Mary, she has a Virgin Mary.

  3. Hillary Clinton says if she’s president there will be more transparency in the White House. You don’t think she means pantsuits do you?

  4. I tell you, everyone’s got the March Madness Crazies. Last weekend Home Depot offered 2×4’s and Villanova at 50% off.

  5. I’m pretty sure that if you WERE born with a golden spoon in your mouth, you’d probably choke to death.

  6. X-files and Ted Cruz are both trending. For one the truth is out there and the other is just, well, out there.

  7. Ted Cruz announces he’s running for president and Donald Trump says he’s seriously considering it. Talk about March Madness!

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