Braggart! — 14 Comments

  1. Ottawa Senators goalie Andrew Hammond who is nicknamed “The Hamburglar” is HOT. Ottawa is now 13-1-1 in the last 15 games. Not to be outdone, the Maple Leafs have taken up “Grimace” as their Macdonalds mascot of choice.

  2. Microsoft has announced it will be scrapping Internet Explorer. A new browser with the code name Project Spartan is yet to be named. How about WTF M/S version 1.0?

  3. A 17 year old woman was bitten by an alligator in Tampa while swimming in a retention pond near a mall. When will people learn? In Florida, gators ORIGINATED the concept of “standing your ground.”

  4. Donald Trump says that as President he promises to make the USA ‘so rich’ that Social Security and Medicare won’t need cuts. So is part of the Donald’s strategy for the country to follow his example and declare bankruptcy four times?

    • What Janice, you mean to tell me that the Donald has declared bankruptcy almost as many times as John McCain has crashed taxpayer paid for jet aircraft? I’m shocked I tell you, just plain shocked.

  5. GM is putting Wifi in some of its cars. So now you can check the Internet to see if your car has been recalled — while you’re driving!

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