Floridians DO have their head in the sand.


Apparently scientists in Florida aren’t allowed to use the phrase “climate change” anymore. That was part of a bill passed by the legislature making the ostrich Florida’s state bird.


Floridians DO have their head in the sand. — 8 Comments

  1. Poor Bruce Jenner, complains he’s lonely living all by himself. But why should he be? With all those new body parts, it’s like Christmas every night.

  2. John Travolta has started filming his new movie “I Am Wrath” in Columbus, Ohio. On the first day of shooting he told locals that he was glad to be in Lumbuco to film “Mowrat.”

  3. Prince Charles and wife Camilla arrived in Washington on Tuesday. They plan visits to the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the tomb of the Unknown Warhorse.

  4. Scientists say that beetles are especially resistant to extinction. The only force of nature that could destroy them is the Yoko Ono.

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