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      • Sure Bill,
        I was thinking of making a seat filled with helium, but since there’s already a potentially dangerous gaseous element that’s often found in that small room, why press my luck?

  1. Saturday celebrated the mathematical symbol Pi. Pi is a number used to figure how big around something is if you know how deep it is. The only time it doesn’t work is with a Kardashian. The depth of Kim times Pi says her butt should look like a marble.

  2. Guinness Records says the world’s oldest cat, Tiffany, lives in San Diego and is 125. But the world’s oldest cool cat still lives in LA, wears suspenders and is called “Larry.”

  3. My wife is getting on in years and easily distracted. This morning she brushed her hair using a toothbrush, complete with paste. A bit at a loss, I told her that she had some nice white highlights

  4. A fully functional meth lab was discovered in a bathroom at a Walmart store in Indiana. The store manager became suspicious when the restroom workers drove to work in Porsches and Lamborghinis and never ever shopped there.

  5. Amazing how many people who will wait until April 14, or file for extensions. with their taxes because they don’t have time, have found hours to spend on their ‪#‎MarchMadness‬ brackets.

  6. In India, a bride left her husband to be at the altar after testing him on his math skills. She asked “How much is 15 plus six?” He answered, 17. Just guessing that’s not going to be part of Bristol Palin’s wedding ceremony.

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