That’s illogical, Captain. — 8 Comments

  1. USC researchers claim they have found a hormone – called MOTS-c – that works in mice as an alternative to exercise. And they say MOTS-c may some day also allow people both to lose weight and regulate their blood sugar. Awesome. Can they put it in a pill made of chocolate?

  2. . Now ISIS has threatened Twitter and its employees for shutting down their accounts. So let me get this straight, the infidels ISIS so despises have created something they are outraged at the thought of living without….

  3. Remember, daylight saving time starts this weekend. Spring forward, unless you’re digital. Then it’s go to System Preferences, click on Date & Time, click on the clock, go to next higher hour and hit Save Changes. Easy peasy. 

  4. A man sued Applebee’s after burning himself on a sizzling fajita skillet while bowing his head in prayer. Usually Applebee’s patrons pray AFTER they eat.

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