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  1. A California woman claims she MAKES $70,000 a month on Etsy. Simple how she does it. Her husband SPENDS $70,000 a month on Etsy.

  2. My name is Will, so I can be William, Bill, Billy, even Willard on a really bad day. Frankly, all these personalities give me…the Willies!

  3. Apple says it’s getting into the car business and plans to produce an electric car by 2020. Of course, it’ll have an operating system that’s not compatible with any other car.

  4. The NFL Combine is going on this week. It’s where pro football prospects are tested on whether they have the skills to be an NFL player — like running, passing, catching, tackling, and dragging girls out of elevators.

  5. U.S. astronauts made renovations to International Space Station for space taxis. Hopefully, black astronauts won’t have a hard time getting a cab.

  6. A Maryland man plows snow with a motorized toilet he has dubbed “Loo-cille.” I think the whole thing is “loo-ny.” Every time he clears a patch of snow he calls it a “plow movement.”

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