Jupiter at 39,000 feet. — 8 Comments

  1. In movies, couples kiss and the woman’s lipstick never transfers. After kissing my wife, I end up looking like a sad, gay, clown.

  2. Tiger Woods is leaving the PGA Tour until he gets his game back together, especially his chipping. He is going back to learn the basics of golf where his career started – at the local pitch and putt. But first he has to find his 9 iron.

  3. Police in Honolulu have arrested a man trying to use Robert Allenby’s stolen credit cards. Store employees figured the guy wasn’t Allenby, or even a golfer, when he they noticed he had “Pinnacle X-outs” in his buggy.

  4. A Southern legislator wants to ban Yoga pants, saying they’re just too revealing…Seems like a “stretch” to many people.

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