Happy Groundhog Day (yesterday)! — 13 Comments

  1. A study found that baby chicks are born with the ability to count. That’s why this year I’m having my taxes done by H & R Cock.

  2. My wife’s wealthy parents own a real Jackson Pollack. Not many people know that in his later years, Jack turned to sculpture using cooked spaghetti. Not coincidentally, he was hitting the sauce pretty hard during those dark days.

  3. Like Mitt Romney, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham decided not to run for office again and will instead go into show business. His production company will produce “Fifty Shades Of Gay”, Ms. Graham will have Michele Bachmann’s in name only husband Marcus as his understudy. Or he’ll study under him, I’m not quite sure how they do those things.

  4. McDonald’s is selling its Big Mac Special Sauce for $18,000 a bottle on Ebay. It’s part of McDonald’s, “Redistribution of Obesity” plan.

  5. Bad news from Hollywood. Transitioning into a woman costs $100,000, and Bruce Jenner only has $90,000. *So he has to decide: Clitoris, or Gucci bag?

    • It does have some interesting characters, though. Like Boo Radley’s idiot cousin who would be elected President of the United States in 2000.

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