I don’t remember from 30 minutes ago.

WILL the THRILL says:

Those “Have you Seen Me” ads that try to help find persons missing for 30 years seem like a stretch. I mean, I can scarcely recognize my wife in the morning…


I don’t remember from 30 minutes ago. — 8 Comments

  1. Oregon State coed was cited for filming porn video in school library. Apparently, the library was organized using the “do me” decimal system.

  2. Florida woman arrested after she assaulted her husband with a shoe after catching him in bed with another woman. Instead of hitting him with a shoe, she should have just given him the boot.

  3. Red Box has ranked the 50 States in terms of “Most Romantic” based on DVD rentals. Two things: Michigan won. And if couples are watching movies, where is the REAL romance?

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