Selma? Isn’t that Scooby Doo’s helper? — 22 Comments

  1. The Baltimore Ravens released backup nose tackle Terrence Cody, who is under investigation for animal cruelty. This is the second player in a week accused of animal cruelty–Tom Brady is under investigation for mistreating a pigskin.

  2. Baltimore Ravens released backup nose tackle Terrence Cody, who’s accused of animal cruelty. Apparently, elevator video shows him bitch-slapping a chihuahua.

  3. Alabama’s same-sex marriage ban has been ruled unconstitutional. Won’t be long before brothers will be marrying each other (sisters too)!

  4. I can’t decide whether to see the film ‘Cake’ or read Stephen King’s novel ‘It.’ Unfortunately, I can’t have my ‘Cake’ and read ‘It’ too.

  5. A Lowe’s customer got bit in the head by a python. Next time he’ll shop at Home Depot for a snake to unclog his toilet.

  6. Florida is full of people getting their weird-on. A woman recently killed and cooked her neighbor. America’s Retirement Destination is actually hard at work, making the Nightly News.

  7. Marshawn Lynch could cost the Seattle Seahawks dearly if he grabs his crotch again. Looks like the Seahawks may have their own ball controversy.

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