Peter Parker, he’s not. — 14 Comments

  1. Chris Christie has named an emergency management team to work on saving Atlantic City. Christie doesn’t want to lose all those casino buffets.

  2. The priceless gold funeral mask of King Tut housed in a Cairo museum was damaged when a cleaning woman knocked off his beard. She did a bad DIY repair with epoxy that has archeologists enraged and making chin-music worldwide.

  3. Budweiser now has second thoughts on removing the Clydesdales from their ads. The horses will be returning for Super Bowl this year due to the threat of Kim Kardashian appearing in a rival beer commercial. In staying with the theme, the Bud ads would only show half of the horse.

  4. I asked my daughter if she knew about “deflate-gate.” She replied, ‘Isn’t that where the gate scrapes on the sidewalk?’

  5. Someone told me today that I look just like Gene Hackman. Gene Hackman said he doesn’t look that bad. And he’s 84 years old.

  6. Alabama’s same-sex marriage ban has been ruled unconstitutional. Won’t be long before brothers will be marrying each other (sisters too)!

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