This will win a Golden Globe! — 8 Comments

  1. The flu vaccine is only 23 percent effective this season. Since only about 1 in 5 shots succeed, it’s been nicknamed the New York Knicks vaccine.

  2. No non-whites were nominated for acting Oscars. This year’s Academy Awards telecast will be sponsored by Starbucks, Prius, and Banana Republic.

  3. Kim Kardashian’s game,“Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” has been falling, falling, falling from number one last summer to near the bottom last week. She’s just in front of, “AirAsia: Oops!.”

  4. NBC’s advertising fees for the Super Bowl are $4 million a minute. Actually, that’s not too far out of line. In a good year, that’s what Bill Cosby paid his pharmacist.

  5. The Marlboro Man has died. He was 85. I know it sounds grisly, but it is what he wanted. His head twisted off and thrown in the recycle bin and his body ground under the toe of a vintage Tony Lama Cowboy boot.

  6. No non-whites were nominated for acting Oscars. People who tune in will think they’re watching the Country Music Awards.

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